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About us

Vessel IT Support

Founded by Wunold van Drunen

To make maritime IT work.

We at Vessel IT Support strive to be a company that offers suitable solutions and support for all ships.
Additionally, we encourage our employees to keep developing their skills, finding their passions, and increasing their expertise: this achieves the best results for them, for us and for our customers.

Core Values


The need for IT services can arise anywhere, anytime. We seamlessly adapt to your needs by providing remote assistance, express delivery or on-site visits.


We handle your data with utmost care: our systems are always secure and up-to-date, and our employees all possess a Certificate of Conduct and have all signed NDAs to ensure confidentiality.


The latest IT knowledge is essential to maintain the quality of our services. Through internal briefings, trainings and certifications, we stay well-informed.


Work performed with care and attention always yields the best results. Going the extra mile is natural for us.

Our story

Vessel IT Support, founded by Wunold van Drunen, is an approachable Dutch company located in the port area of Rotterdam, with a lot of expertise and hands-on mentality. It is evident to us that you as a customer have your own needs and wishes. We consider it a pleasant challenge to meet them. For you it will be a good thing to find out our engineers really know your name, company and vessels. Throughout 25 years of experience in the maritime IT business we have a loyal clientele with international customers who consider us a reliable and collaborating partner who is prepared to move onto the future together.

Global and local

Our primary goal is to deliver support to our customers anywhere, anytime. We can do a lot by ourselves, between remote support and travelling the world, but sometimes it’s just easier to have a local on-premise. That’s why for over 10 years, we’ve been successfully partnered with two other independent companies. One is located in Houston, USA, which covers North Middle and South America for us, and the other is in Singapore, and covers East Asia and the Pacific area.