Our work

What we have done through all these years gives us the experience to help you the best way.

Our work

vessel it support
At component level. What to do when your technical computer unit fails? We don't limit our work only to regular computer units, we are able to repair computers at component level (mainly in our workshop). So when your Ballast Control Monitor, loading computer (running MS-DOS) or any other kind of unit fails, please contact us and check the options.
Strategic partners. Our Vessel IT Support network is growing every day, we can now announce strategically partnerships in Houston and Singapore. So if you need any kind of IT support or supply for your vessel just contact us and we will help you. Our goal is to keep looking in ways to give you all a better and more efficient service around the world.

Short notice... big problem... best solution
During a ship's takeover one of our customer realized that the IT system has been dismantled. We were contacted by the agent and asked to attend as soon as possible due a short port staying. We quickly evaluated the situation to give the best solution. We were able to provide computers and software. Install and configure them just in time to get everything working before departure.

Two weeks in Poland
This was a project performed by two of our engineers. We installed a complete new IT system for a vessel in drydock. This included network cabling, VSAT, servers, workstations, wifi and more.

From Spain to Egypt
When necessary, we sail with the vessel to continue with the job. This was the case when we installed and configured all networking and software onboard during a sailing between Algeciras and Port Said. It was a week job. Unforgettable experience for technician and our company.

Working on the Panama Canal
Once a colleague celebrated Christmas while attending a vessel with virus problems on the loading computer. The issue had to be solved before reaching the next port otherwise the cargo operation could not be started. We managed to finish the job in time and had the fortune of admiring this wonder of engineering.


vessel it support
vessel it support